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JD is the author of three gripping novels, Soft Candy, Disturbingly Normal, and Park Days. Primarily set in the San Francisco Bay Area, each story sends its reader on a different accelerated journey through the chaotic lives of three very different people a personal assistant who dives headlong into the morally depleted excesses of the dot-com lifestyle, a mortuary driver who inexplicably bludgeons one of his pickups, and a homeless man who recklessly consumes a rare psychedelic called "Escape" as a means of reconnecting with his fractured past. Filled with all the same twists and turns as his knots and ties, JD's novels entertain and much as they leave their readers thinking.

Park Days

Disturbingly Normal

Soft Candy

About JD
Also an accomplished artist, JD draws and paints characters he calls "Moles", hairless figurines that personify concepts and ideas the fall between the cracks of description. Like most of the color choices he makes to demonstrate his knots and ties, each painting or piece is a colorific expression of the creatively and fantastic images that routinely fill JD's mind. Find out more at www.SubervisePOP.com.


About JD
In 2010, the first chapter of JD's second novel, Disturbingly Normal, was turned into a short film. Shot on location at many of the same places described in the novel, the film is approximately 15 minutes long and is available for viewing at DistrubinglyNormal-TheMovie.com or via YouTube directly.


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