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How to "Ok Vegetarian - Stop Vegetarian"?

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How to "Ok Vegetarian - Stop Vegetarian"?

Postby ritcha » Sat Oct 16, 2021 2:11 am


"Ok Vegetarian - Stop Vegetarian" how to prevent the body from being damaged Plus better health Choose proteins from milk, eggs, fish, and easily digestible proteins.
Drink milk, eat mainly eggs and fish first. Don't touch any meat food, be it pork, beef, or any kind of meat. Drink milk, eggs and fish for a few days in a row to allow your body to gradually adjust. Start eating meat such as chicken, pork, cow, seafood, etc. by gradually starting to eat little as well. However, for people who drink milk. and refrain from drinking milk during the vegetarian festival that When you leave the vegetarian and come back to drink Bloating may occur. Because the body may not produce the digestive juice called lactase, the milk will not be digested. causing microorganisms to ferment in the stomach and cause gas in the stomach Therefore, should not drink milk on an empty stomach. You should drink it after the main meal and drink it gradually, little by little. Or it would be good to drink warm fresh milk, which after a few days. The body will adjust to normal.

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Choose easy-to-digest, light-flavored foods.
Don't just turn to spicy food. and immediately difficult to digest Your stomach may not be accustomed to spicy food, either very salty, very sweet, very oily, and very spicy, so gradually choose light food for a few days and then start eating normally.

Eat fruits and vegetables, reduce starch.
There are not many people who gain weight during the vegetarian diet, which is caused by eating a lot of starch. fussy eats and eats oily food fried and fried make weight gain For weight control methods, there are 3 methods.
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